Manipuri Writer/Activist Binalakshmi Nepram Threatened by State Police Forces

Noted Manipuri writer, humanitarian activist Ms Binalakshmi Nepram has reported being threatened/harassed by Manipur State Police force. The incident happened on 12 May 2017 when a heavily armed Manipur State police force descended on Ms Nepram's parental house in Imphal, the capital of the northeastern state of Manipur bordering on Myanmar.

Ms Nepram feels that this is done by those who have committed rights violations to deter the relief, rehabilitation and other forms of support given by her and her team to several women survivors of the state. Manipur has seen six decades of violence with immense humanitarian crisis with 20,000 people shot dead and over 20,000 women widowed in the past decades. It has one of highest armed forces and police forces presence in the country, and is also a heavily weaponised state.

Ms Nepram's team have been working for 10 years for women survivors of violence. But, this is the first time the state police force has been misused by those in power. By those who have committed murder and rights violations of innocent people of Manipur. She is the recipient of CNN IBN Real Heroes and Indian of Year Award for her work in Manipur with survivors.

Ms Nepram has strongly condemned the incident and stated, "I strongly condemn the harassment given to me and my family members in ensuring justice and dignity of people of Manipur and urge Manipur government to immediately stop this wrongful harassment by Manipur state security forces. Police are meant to protect citizens and not to be used to harass innocent civilians. We have stood strong for over 10 years for peace and justice for people of Manipur and entire Northeast Region and will not be bogged down by such threats and intimidation emanating from state machinery. I will take this up with appropriate authorities so that action be taken. Good governance and support for justice what we want from Manipur Govt and not this. Please stop this harassment immediately to me, my family and others who are fighting for justice and healing lives".

Strong condemnations to the threat and intimidation to Ms Nepram and her family has come in from different parts of state, country and world.

Binalakshmi Nepram
Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network
Convenor, Northeast India Women Initiative for Peace
13 May 2017