Get in Line — A Villanelle on Demonetisaton


Image courtesy Wikipedia Commons



(For Maaz Bin Bilal)
Get in line, people. Double quick; in line!
What else are you going to do? Make it straight.
An hour or two; may be three. All is fine.
You’ve no problem waiting for food, films, wine.
So why this hullaballoo? India is great;
soldiers are dying. Don’t cry; all is fine.
Kashmir’s blind; Bastar burning. Yet you whine
for a fistful of rupees? Use plastic.
Get in line, people. Don’t panic; in line!
A little chaos now to redesign
our economy. All planned; nothing drastic.
Two days; a week; 50 — all will be fine.
ATMs might choke, a few die, GDP decline,
but we’ll clap if you quote Dylan at us;
and patiently get in line. Get in line!
Yet, if you insist on being asinine,
question our wisdom, riot, burn a bus
because you’re hungry, we’ll dial the hotline
for boots, batons, pellet guns. Be calm. Get in line.