• Kashmir Valley Needs Dialogue, Not Bullets

    Seema Mustafa

    August 16, 2016

    Seema Mustafa in conversation with Newsclick

    Jammu and Kashmir has been on the boil for a long time. First the NIT student protests, then the firing in Handwara on protestors, are not isolated events but the consequence of what has been happening in the state for some time. These incidents also happened soon after the government led by Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed, formed in an alliance with the BJP, came to power. The youth in Kashmir seem increasingly disillusioned with the state and central governments. Are we going back to the past?


    Newsclick interviewed Seema Mustafa, Editor-in-Chief, The Citizen. Ms Mustafa believes that the fundamentalists cannot provide any solution to the Kashmir issue. The BJP government at the centre is trying to limit the discourse to development only, without addressing political issues. This limited approach will not work. She points to the need to recognise that Kashmir is also a border state, which leads to a geopolitics constituted differently from other states in the country.

    First published in Newsclick.

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