• Poem: The Extremes

    July 23, 2016

    Susmit Panda​

    Igor Mudrov, 'Walking in the Rain' / ego-alterego.com

    Again and again
    The thousand lips of the rain​.​

    I had not yet learnt the alphabet;
    The voice against the parapet
    Was the raindrops'; A's drenched the trees,
    B's wet the bees;
    I shuddered under the frightening
    Ampersands of lightning;
    Sudden commas of breeze
    Paused upon the trees;
    With a handkerchief I wiped the railing that day,
    Who knew I wiped a sentence away?
    So the rain would walk from over the sea,
    But me! But me!

    I could transcend the alphabet; I know
    The jargon of the demons below;
    I know French, German, all.
    The language of the tall
    Negress; in vain
    A yellow bike's soused in the rain;
    I stretch my hand wrinkled with ink
    To feel the mere waters clink;
    Then I babble again and again and again,
    But the rain! But the rain!


    Susmit Panda is a student at Netaji Subhas Engineering College, Kolkata.

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