Ghazal, Nazm and then Some: Part I

Aman Kumar, Shaista Anwar and Ilina Acharya

With all the kerfuffle about Urdu lately, we wanted to share our pick of songs and poetry in that language – one of our languages. Whether each of us knows Urdu or not, it belongs to all of us – every word of every couplet; every line of music and every Bombay film that has taught us Urdu words; and the language’s rich history in the subcontinent. So consider this our way of saying, lighten up chaddis!

In this playlist, Kishwar Naheed recites "Yeh hum gunahgar auratein" (We Sinful Women), Faiz Ahmad recites "Kya Karein" (What Should We Do), Barkat Ali Khan sings Ghalib, Fahmida Riaz reminds us we're not so different after all from our alleged others next door…