Three Poems

Image courtesy Sciencephotolibrary

Killing  the Shambukas
(Inspired by a famous poem on black lynching)

Jim Crow segregated hostel rooms.
Ceiling fans bear a strange fruit,
Blood on books and blood on papers,
A black body swinging in mute silence,
Strange fruit hanging from tridents.


My harvest of poems will be winnowed.
If done dexterously,
the lighter shallow stuff will be blown
away in the wind;
the heavier, meaty stuff,
will fall back onto the tray,
become the fire in my belly.

The Life and Times of Jesus
(From the Lost Gospel)

The first woman in his life
Was Mary,
His mother.

She was a feminist,
Made love,
Wrote a lullaby for bastard children,
Chanted at protest rallies against
Child abuse by clergymen.

He had married Marie Magdalene.
She earned more than her preacher husband,
Wrote a sermon on equal wages for women —
Tried to organise prostitutes.

He had kids.
They sued Friedrich Engels
Disputing the origin of family,
Private property and
The state of the Catholic Church.