Media Blackout of Brutal Lathicharge on Bahujan Students in Bangalore

On Feb 3rd, 2016, more than 30,000 Dalit Bahujan students of BVS (Bahujan Vidhyarthi Sangha), from all over Karnataka, conducted a peaceful, massive rally and protest demanding reservations in the Private Sector and boycotting the Global Investors Meet. They were met with huge police repression without any provocation. The police  arrested 30 students, charging them of various offenses, and kept them in subjail without bail or 3 days. The entire mainstream media ,with the exception of few Kananda media houses, suppressed the news when they were pouring crocodile tears over extensive analysis of Rohit Vemula’s death and the situation of Dalit students. Thanks to Dalit Camera Ambedkar for the video footage of the protests and lathi charge, and the interview  of Hariram, Coordinator of BVS and Assistant Professor of Political Science on the protest.