Slaughter in the Office of a Professor of Poetry

“With extra words in a short poem,
you can buy a butter knife and a packet of cigarettes,
and live among sedentary species happily,”
said Prof. Gooseberry, a palaeontologist turned poet
to his students in his Fossil Office Room.
Among his students were mostly black, white, yellow, brown,
Mixed-race Hindu Humanoids in skull caps.
But there were also a hedgehog, a tortoise, and a water buffalo from the closed abattoir.
Evolutionists may not believe,
Poets are the only language animals with omnivore teeth,
more scavenger than hunter.
And in the cold desert of darkness,
they kill vegan dictators with a neck bite.
At the end of his long lectuer on his recent paper “Predatory transition from Ape to monkey God,”
The Professor turned to me, and said,
“You seem distracted.
Want to know how Neanderthals mobs in Bermuda khaki shorts,
came on Hero Cycles and
lynched Sage sparrows in Dadri in Northern Hemisphere”.
“With a hand-axe, or a club, or a garrote”
…I asked,
“No, you useless Homo Habilis,” said he,
“Tell me,” I insisted
“Instinct,” he averred,
“How beautiful”…I wowed ad nauseam!