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  • Newsclick

    An alternative to the corporate media that analyses key issues in today's world from the progressive Indian point of view, through videos and articles.
  • Sabrang India

    A voice against communalism and divisive politics, and for religious minorities and other marginalised communities, through videos and articles.
  • Countercurrents

    The people’s perspective on major social issues around the world, through fact finding reports, research papers and news items.

    A collective of artists, writers, intellectuals and cultural activists to promote cultural pluralism and secularism through performances and publications.
  • India Resists

    A platform for updates and perspectives on people’s struggles and democratic movements in India.
  • Etihas

    An online video magazine of history, arts and culture of India and South Asia.
  • India Foundation for the Arts

    A national, not-for-profit, grant-making organisation that supports practice, research and education in the arts in India.
  • Youth ki Awaaz

    An open platform for writers, thinkers, filmmakers, and photographers.
  • Round Table India

    An integrated online space for the widest expression of Dalit-Bahujan voices.
  • Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti

    A voluntary organization working in rural and urban Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa to encourage constructive analysis of religious traditions and customs, and promote A scientific attitude, scepticism and humanism.
  • Bhasha Research and Publication Centre

    A Trust to study, document and conserve marginal languages, linguistic cultures and communities across India.
  • Adivasi Academy

    Multidisciplinary interventions aimed at Adivasi development, combining the academic and activist approaches.
  • Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti

    Programmes to bridge the knowledge, economic and social gaps between the rich and poor through literacy, policy studies, local area planning and conservation systems, Self Help Groups and micro enterprises.
  • Stand With JNU

    A collective of students, teachers and public intellectuals to support JNU and other institutions with active student movements.
  • Joint Action Committee for Social Justice

    Members of the student community from different parts of India, with the JAC at the University of Hyderbad as the starting point.
  • Lokayat

    An activists’ group based in Pune, part of the anti-globalisation movement, working through cultural activities and campaigns.
  • Vikalp

    A social platform for progressive and alternative ideas on, and analysis of, social transformation.
  • Dalit Nation

    A transmedia project that brings together scholars, artists, and activists with one goal: Eradicate Caste.