• False Accusations Against Prof. GN Saibaba’s Wife

    Press Release

    Vasantha Kumari

    July 9, 2018

    Image Courtesy: Scroll

    I condemn and firmly deny the false statements made by Ankur Sharma of www.mynation.com in an article updated on 8th July 2018 on the same website. This article, without citing any reference, says that the Ministry of Home Affairs has released a report wherein it has been stated that I have “met Jharkhand officials and ministers asking them to lift the ban imposed on the PFI and Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti (MSS)”.

    This is completely false. Though there is nothing wrong in anyone approaching officials and ministers to lift any ban, the fact is that I have never even been to Jharkhand in more than a decade and have not approached anybody, whether ministers or officials, anywhere, whether in Jharkhand or elsewhere in this regard. I strongly deny this claim and condemn such dubious news reports aiming to accuse me of false allegations.

    This false statement has been made with the malicious intent to target me, my family and particularly, my husband, Prof. GN Saibaba. In the current atmosphere of intolerance and abuse of law, I fear for the well-being and safety of my family. I request all activists, friends, concerned citizens and democratic organisations to condemn these fabrications and support me.


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