• Sadhvi at the Congregation: A Doggerel

    Keki N Daruwalla

    February 22, 2018

    Illustration Satwik Ghade/ Courtesy The Hindu


    Hunched over the Hindutva horoscope

    Sadhvi Bindya

    had hardly the time to pore over

    the map of India.

    When questioned by Mr Wadhwa, her pot-bellied host

    realtor and black market’s toast,

    she answered to much acclaim,

    “The horoscopes of India and Hindutva,

    aren’t they the same?”

    At which Mr. Wadhwa and Mrs. Wadhwi

    paid obeisance

    to the all- knowing Sadhvi.



    Keki Daruwalla writes poetry and fiction. He lives in Delhi. His novel Ancestral Affairs was recently published by Harper Collins. He won the Commonwealth Poetry Award (Asia) for his poetry volume Landscapes. His latest book is a poetry collection,Naishapur and Babylon, brought out by Speaking Tiger Books.

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