• March For Science

    Call for public meeting

    August 8, 2017

                                                                                                              Image Courtesy:https://allevents.in/events/india-march-for-science-pune-chapter/1539584542778636#

    Scientists and researchers across the country are organising protests in several cities across the country, under the banner March for Science. In support, several scientists and researchers and science students of Pune are organising this protest meeting in Pune. The demands are:

    • Stop propagation of unscientific, obscurantist ideas and religious intolerance, and develop scientific temper, human values, and spirit of inquiry in conformance with Article 51A of the Constitution.
    • Ensure that the education system imparts only ideas that are supported by scientific evidence.
    • Enact policies based on evidence-based science.
    • Increase funding for scientific and technological research and education.

    This is a path-breaking initiative. Dr. PM Bhargava, who passed away on August 1 this year, was one of the scientists in the forefront of this initiative. We all need to support this effort, for the future of our beloved country. The second major protest by our intellectuals against the spectre of fascism, after the Award Wapsi campaign.

     Activists from  Kranti Din rally will be joining March For Science program in Pune on 9 August 2017. 

    We call upon all of you on this list in Pune to join us for both these programs. We need to come out on the streets, as never before.

    Date:    August 9, 2017, Wednesday
    Time:    5 pm
    Venue: Gandhi Putla, Pune Station

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