• UK government’s Public Consultation on Caste

    Urgent Call to add Caste to the Equality Act 2010

    June 22, 2017


    The UK Government has announced an open public consultation on Caste in Great Britain and Equality Law to ensure there is adequate legal protection against caste-based unlawful discrimination. The Government needs to hear from the residents of Great Britain – of South Asian origins and others – as to how individuals and groups should be protected against discrimination on caste grounds.

    Caste-based discrimination does exist here in Great Britain, acknowledged by both Parliament and the Government. It should be outlawed as any other form of discrimination.

    No matter who you are, this consultation gives the opportunity to send a clear message to the Government that legislation should protect people subjected to caste discrimination. We would urge you, therefore, to offer your support by completing this Government consultation by 18 July 2017, specifically choosing the option to add caste to the Equality Act 2010.

    Respond to the UK Government’s questionnaire to outlaw caste in Great Britain


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