• Gobble D. Gook’s View on Rajasthan HC Judge’s wisdom!

    The Invisible Lawyer

    June 8, 2017

    Gobble D. Gook was asked what his view was on the Rajasthan HC judge's fulminations on the reproductive niceties of peahens..Gook realised what could have happened if such wisdom had been spread earlier, rather than on the eve of the learned judge's retirement!

    This law-merick expresses Gook's feelings..
    To my list of "immaculate" fears
    I have now added peacock tears!
           If my Lord Sharma's
           Stars were a bit firmer
    He could've landed in the SC, my dears!

    -Raju Z Moray,

    When he is not practising law, he is puncturing bloated egos. 


    Published here with permission from The Lawyers' Collective.

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