• The Unwarranted CBI Raid on NDTV is Condemned by Academics and Artists


    June 6, 2017

    Image Courtesy: The Indian Express


    SAHMAT unequivocally condemns the totally unwarranted CBI raids on the media group NDTV. While maintaining that all due procedures should be followed in cases of private complaints, we are of the opinion that searches even without a preliminary enquiry, as stated by NDTV, is nothing but an intimidatory tactic. By attacking the media, the present government is undermining freedom of the press, so essential for a democratic polity.
    Irfan Habib
    MMP Singh
    Badri Raina
    Sohail Hashmi
    Zoya Hasan
    P K Shukla
    Vivan Sundaram
    Prabhat Patnaik
    Ram Rahman
    Sania Hashmi
    Amar Farooqui
    Amol Saghar
    Anil Chandra
    Archana Prasad
    Arjun Dev
    Biswamoy Pati
    D N Jha
    Dinesh Abrol
    Indira Arjun Dev
    Jauhar Kanungo
    K M Shrimali
    Lata Singh
    Madangopal Singh
    Madhu Prasad
    N K Sharma
    Nina Rao
    Parthiv Shah
    Saif Mahmood
    Shireen Moosvi
    Utsa Patnaik
    Vishwamohan Jha
    Ishrat Alam
    29 Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001
    email:[email protected]
    Website: www.sahmat.org








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