• Eminent Urdu Poet Declared ‘Dead’ by Pension Office

    June 5, 2017



    Eminent Urdu poet Asrar Jamai was declared dead by the Social Welfare Department of South Delhi in 2013. Since then, he has been deprived of Rs. 1500 per month old age-pension and has been struggling for his survival. This poet was once awarded by the first Indian President – Dr Rajendra Prasad and been guests of former President and Prime Minister of India APJ Abdul Kalam and Rajiv Gandhi respectively. Now, at the age of 80, he lives alone in a small rented room littered with dust in a Batla House by-lane.

    When the poet took the relevant papers to the pension office to prove his right over his old-age pension, the officers demanded proof that he is alive. “I am standing in front of you, what else can be the biggest proof?” he said. The official knows that he is alive, but cannot help as the records mention that he is dead.


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    Published here with the permission of Sabrang India.

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