• When Muslims Are Killed For Eating Beef, Let Us Remember What Food Means In Our Culture

    A talk by Sohail Hashmi on India's food culture

    April 27, 2017

    At a time when poeple are killed over their choice of food, the atrocities committed by gau rakshaks can be understood when it is seen from the significance that food has in our shared cultures. Our diverse food habits that encompasses strictly vegetarian recipes to various kinds of meat, comprise 'Indian Cuisine'. So says Sohail Hashmi in this talk. "If a culture stops transforming, if it stops imbibing from other traditions, it will be dead. It will become a fossil. Our culture, what we know as Indian Culture today, survives and thrives because it has constantly been able to adapt and change." Watch the video here:


    Republished with the permission from Anhad India

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