• Hey, She’s Awake

    Salil Chaturvedi

    December 29, 2016

    Friday night, the naked lady sits in my apartment
    Thick grasses around her pudendum
    Dark weeds in her armpits
    Lizards in her hair

    I’m hungry, she says
    Slapping her stomach
    Caked with what looks like dried blood

    I can hear the hungry rumble
    For no reason I think of sinkholes
    I notice the blood-dripping lions tattooed on her 

    I’m hungry, she says
    Haven’t eaten in a while
    The last snack I had was when, in nineteen forty 

    But now I really want to eat
    I mean a full meal
    And I don’t care what you give me

    Cooked, uncooked, stir-fried or roasted
    Sons or daughters
    Husbands or wives
    Brothers or sisters
    I’ll have them all

    Oh, I could easily eat an entire generation
    Munch through the bones of your friends
    Eat the muscles of your enemies
    It’s all the same
    It’s blood I like
    Can’t wait to put my canines through your eye 

    Give up your body, give it to me

    I run out of the apartment
    Half-crazed into the night, shouting
    Bharat Mata ki Jai
    Bharat Mata ki Jai






    "Bodhisatva’s Tusks" (1914), Abanindranath Tagore/ courtesy Lifestalker

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